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Carpentry, especially Finish Carpentry, is in the Curfman Family blood. From my Great Grandfather, to my Grandfather, to my Father, to me, the love of wood, and the passion of working with our hands, has been passed down through our Family. For four generations, we have listened to our customers, applied our old world craftsmanship to their ideas, and produced results that made us proud and them happy.

I am the fourth generation, and owner of Curfman Finish Carpentry. I started in the business as a young boy, sweeping my dad’s job sites on weekends and during school breaks. Even at that young age I was fascinated by carpentry. I loved handling the tools, and watching how precisely my father worked with them. His attention to detail and his patience in making certain everything was done right were clearly evident to me, even at that young age. I could sense his pride as he would often tell me, “If it’s not good enough to be in our house, it’s not good enough to be in their house. That’s how we do it!”

After finishing school I started learning the trade by working with my dad fulltime. Together we built high end custom homes and unique log cabins. We designed and built beautiful custom cabinets, built-in entertainment centers, and did finishing work on some extraordinary homes. Little by little my finish carpentry skills developed. Most of all, though, I learned how to work hard, and to value and respect our customers.

Eventually, I went to work for a custom trimming company, in the Twin Cities. This gave me the opportunity to manage projects of all types, from the building of single family homes, to the construction of entire town home developments. No matter how large or small the job, I always practiced the skills and values that I learned from my family.

In early 2000 – like my Father, and my Grandfather, and my Great Grandfather before them – I branched off and started my own company, Curfman Finish Carpentry. Since my first day in business I have been aware of the power of the Curfman name in the Finish Carpentry business. The unwavering values of my ancestors and their devotion to their customers has fueled the growth of my business.

If you are considering anything from a custom home, to a kitchen remodel, to an entertainment center in the Family Room, I would be pleased to provide you with a FREE consultation and quote on your project. I know you will be pleased with our work, and delighted at our price!

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