Crown & Base Molding

Base molding finishes the area where the wall meets the floor Crown molding is woodworking that runs around the top, where your walls meet your ceiling. Similar in look, generally made of wood, and available in wide variety of styles and sizes, base and crown moldings serve different purposes.

Base Trim

Base trim or baseboards are functional and decorative. Seldom, if ever, do you see a room without base trim or baseboards. They are essential in covering the imperfections that exist where the wall meets the flooring. Without them a room would look shoddy and clearly unfinished. They are decorative in the sense that they work in harmony with door and window casings to tie the room together. Base trim and baseboards are selected and installed as the foundation upon which the architectural finishing of a room or home is determined.

Base trim and baseboards are usually thinner than the door and window casings. They are made from a variety of materials, with wood being the most popular. Ranging in style from plain to ornate, and in size from a simple quarter round on up, they can be painted, stained or finished to meet a broad range of tastes.

Curfman Finish Carpentry can assist you selection, install them with perfection, and finish them to your pleasure.

Crown Molding

In most homes there is nothing to cover up where the wall meets the ceiling. With few exceptions that area is mudded, taped, sanded and painted. Consequently, crown molding is almost always decorative, adding beauty, accent and interest to a room’s décor.

Despite its lack of practical function, crown molding makes a significant difference in the feel of any room by adding definition and eye-appeal. Crown molding is most often seen in older homes where aesthetic appeal is important. Sadly, newer home have foregone this incredible and stately elegance to cut costs.

If you are building a new home, renovating an older home, or want to add interest in a remodel, give serious consideration to crown molding as way of adding character to a simple room that might not otherwise have it.

The artisans at Curfman Finish Carpentry can meet any need or taste when it comes to crown molding. Our skilled craftsmen can create complex looking crown molding profiles consisting of a series of simple moldings installed together to give a rich appearance. Or we can install them in combination with other moldings to add detail to fireplace mantels, shelves, cabinets, built-in bookcases or entertainment centers.

Whatever your base trim, baseboard, or crown molding needs and desires might be, Curfman Finish Carpentry has the solution. Call us today for a FREE consultation and estimate.

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