Window & Door Trimming

Window and door trim, called Case Molding, is can be extraordinarily decorative and extremely practical. It is practical because it covers the gap between the drywall and the door or window frame. Without it, the room would look half finished and shabby. It is decorative because it defines the overall character of a room. In most cases, the door and window trim determines overall d├ęcor and everything in the room plays off of it.

In older homes, window and door trim is often grand and verbose, intricately constructed in multiple layers, with a large and heavy look. In more recent times, it is lighter and simpler, giving rooms a less formal feel.

Whatever your door and window trim needs might be, Curfman Finish Carpentry can meet them. As true finish carpenters, our craftsmen have the unique skill and patience necessary to create, install and finish ornate, ornamental trim that gives your home that old world character and look. On the hand, our professional designers have the ability to give you lines so simple and clear that they are stunning in themselves.

Any specie of wood can be used for case molding. Curfman Finish Carpentry can access and work with even the rarest and most expensive woods in the world. We also have suppliers offering more common and less expensive materials, that can be given a rich look with proper staining and finishing.

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