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Hardwood Flooring

If you have ever read real estate listings, you know that hardwood floors are always a prime selling point. Hardwood floors give your home re-sale value and appeal. Even more, hardwood flooring has an unmatched richness that gives your home an exquisite look.

Prefinished solid hardwood floors are the most commonly used today. The selection of wood species, colors and widths is vast to choose from and ready to be installed out of the box. Following expert installation by Curfman Finish Carpentry your new wood floor is complete.

Unfinished solid hardwood is another option. Following installation, an unfinished hardwood floor needs to be sanded, stained, sealed and allowed to sit untouched for proper curing.

Curfman Finish Carpentry’s design experts will help you select the appropriate hardwood flooring that meets your taste and fits your budget. Our craftsmen will then install it to perfect, giving you the flooring look you want.

Call us today for a FREE consultation and estimate on hardwood flooring styles and installation. We can make you and your budget very happy!

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