Faux Wood Laminate

Faux wood, also called engineered or manufactured wood, is a combination of products, adhesives and veneers meant to resemble wood. Often less expensive than real wood, many faux wood varieties used to be rather controversial due to chemicals they contained. As technology has improved, faux wood has becoming a popular substitute for real wood, and the processes for creating it have become more environmentally friendly and advanced.

The design specialists of Curfman Finish Carpentry can offer you aux wood paneling that opens up a huge range of interior or exterior design possibilities. In their hands faux wood laminate can cover a wide range of surface finishes and instantly bring a warm, welcoming beauty to your new-build, re-model or renovation project. Faux wood works beautifully in settings like dens, master and guest bedrooms, and throughout your entire home. And its durability makes it last forever.

Take a look at what faux wood panels, professionally designed and installed by Curfman Finish Carpentry can do to brighten up your home. Our consultations and estimates are always FREE.

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