Custom Wood Railings

Nothing can match wood railing for adding warmth, beauty, and a subtle glow to your home. Wood stair railings can be a versatile and effective element for those seeking a solid, more traditional look in their home decor.

At Curfman Finish Carpentry wood railings are one of our specialties. We can find and work with any specie of wood you desire. We can create any type of design you envision or provide you with options to choose from. We do impeccable installation work that always exceeds building codes and safety standards. We can apply stain or finish that meets your taste. We are able to work with any installation schedule that minimizes disruption in your family’s home life.

If you are considering a fresh new look in your home, updating or replacing your wood stair railings is an excellent place to begin. It will give you enormous decorative value for very few dollars.

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