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MN Finish Carpentry | Trim & Crown Molding

We’ve all been there… That feeling of despair when you notice that your house is in need of some serious updates. Maybe the epiphany came when you realized that your Avocado green stove and countertops went out of style with along with mullets, feathered hair and Angel’s Flight jackets. And now with another Christmas just around the corner, maybe you’re thinking of ways to update your home.

Crown Molding

The point is, everything eventually becomes outdated. And when that happens, Trim and molding is one of the best ways to give even the most hum drum home a little update. In fact, crown molding is today’s most-pursued architectural upgrades. Moldings can open up a room and give it a classy and unique look.

Molding and trim can be a great way to add some pizazz to your home and to help blend the old with the new while remodeling. Besides adding beauty and elegance, they can hide a multitude of sins!

It could be just the right accent you need to give your home the WOW factor for the Holidays!

Of course, it’s often a smart investment too! According to the Wood Molding and Millwork Producers Association: “For every $2,000 invested in moulding and millwork, the homeowner realizes $10,000 in increased home value.” At a 5% interest rate on a 30-year mortgage, the consumer will only spend an additional $5 per month on every $1,000 spent. Domestic hardwoods are renewable. They are the definition of “green” and “sustainable.

If you don’t have crown molding in your home or need to replace yours, then finding a Minnesota Finish Carpenter is the best way to start.

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