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Hardwood-FloorSpring is here and the snow will be melting shortly. Have your considered upgrading your home with hardwood flooring? Winter leaves behind quite a mess, all the puddles of water, salt and dirt becomes caught in the soft carpet fibers, never fully coming out, even with an expensive professional clean. But hard wood flooring is not made up of those trappable fibers, it is a harder surface, which will keep clean easier, require minimal maintenance and does not deteriorate as quickly. If you feel it is time to tear up that dingy carpet and put some real material in your house, we are here to help you.

At Curfman Finish Carpentry, we make it our business, to ensure the hardwood flooring you choose is installed accurately for a quality lifetime investment. You can choose from a variety of prefinished solid hardwood options or unfinished solid hardwood options.  We only work with the highest quality wood so durability and visual appearance will be at its finest:

Red Oak

The most highly chosen hard wood flooring in North America is red oak. Don’t let the name fool you, the color is not red. There are wide array of available colors for staining and the grain pattern is eye catching. This type of flooring is extremely durable, which is good pick for high traffic areas.


Maple flooring has a lesser grain pattern and usually has the best appearance when left at a substantially lighter shade. It is equally as durable as Oak but not as versatile in color.  Be sure you are interest in a lighter floor coloring before choosing this type of wood.


Hickory is perfect if you are looking for more of a rustic feel in your home and it is considerably harder than Oak. This wood is also better left lighter and has a vast color distinction. If you are an energetic household and would like a floor to stand up to your needs hickory would be a great choice.


If price is not an option and beauty is your main concern, walnut should be a wood you consider.  This wood is a darker color and walnut will easily tarnish, dent or scratch. Make sure you are not placing this flooring in an area where there are no rugs for protection or where heavy object are placed or moved around.

We also install other species of wood for your budget and style.

Our business started in early 2000 but the traits of our craftsmanship goes back multiple generations.  With a true passion, Curfman Finish Carpentry holds their craftsmanship to the highest standard of excellence.  We have the experience and knowledge that will surpass your expectations, call us today at 763-439-9934

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