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Minnesota Hardwood Flooring

Today’s homeowners are looking for products that last. Hardwood floors fill the bill! You can look all you want, but nothing comes close the durability of hardwood floors. Period!  It’s just another way they add value to your home.  Wood floors can stand up to many decades of use when they are properly maintained. The wood floors you install today will be there for your lifetime and beyond. Instead of laying an entirely new floor when the original is worn, wood floors can be rejuvenated with sanding and refinishing.

Consider the wood floors that are in many of our country’s historic homes and buildings. These floors have endured hundreds of years of use and are still beautiful and serviceable today. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders publishes a report of “How Long Things Last” for homeowners. While other flooring options generally have a life expectancy of about a decade before having to be replaced entirely, wood flooring’s estimated life was listed at 100-plus years. That’s because wood floors are the only flooring option that can be renewed numerous times throughout their service life.

The movement to save Mother Earth is everywhere. Well … hardwood floors fill that desire too! Hardwood flooring is the most abundantly renewable flooring material on the planet, making it the ultimate Eco-friendly flooring material.

In addition to the timeless aesthetic beauty of wood floors, they can adapt to many different decorating styles and can even be stained, distressed or hand-scraped to change their overall appearance without replacing the original material.

Prefinished solid hardwood floors are the most commonly used today. The selection of wood species, colors and widths is vast to choose from and ready to be installed out of the box.

Unfinished solid hardwood is another option.  Following installation, an unfinished hardwood floor needs to be sanded, stained, sealed and allowed to sit untouched for proper curing.

Because your wood flooring will last the lifetime of your home, it is essential that it be installed correctly. Whether you plan to be in your home for multiple decades or just a few years, there is no doubt that a Hardwood floor, professionally installed by a Minnesota Finish Carpenterwill be a treasured part of your home’s interior for decades to come. From environmental benefits to the positive impact wood floors can have on your home, I’d say they are an excellent choice!


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