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After years of struggling in a poor economy, the remodeling and home improvement industry is booming and contractors say baby boomers are leading the way. I guess it’s no surprise… The baby boom generation has broken the mold at every stage of life, and it looks like old age won’t be any different. They may have gotten older, but they haven’t gone away. They have years and years yet to go, and they intend to enjoy them as richly as they can. In their homes… not the home as long as possible!

They are remodeling, renovating, and making home improvements in greater numbers than ever. And, it’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Generations behind the baby boomers, the echo boomers will help fuel future spending growth since they are projected to outnumber baby boomers by more than twelve million as they begin to enter their peak remodeling years over the next decade.

Not Just For Seniors

While these age-conscious home remodels can be a godsend to seniors, it’s not a trend isolated to elderly customers. Far from it, aging in place has caught the attention of many of the younger Boomers in their 40s and 50s that are already thinking ahead when it comes to designing homes and living spaces that they’ll be able to enjoy and function in long into the future.

Many may be considering bringing a parent home to live with them. So, finishing your basement can be the perfect answer so granny can continue to live connected with family and friends (and stay out of the “old folks home”).

Moving clients in that direction can be difficult because we associate these kinds of modifications with growing old, which doesn’t sound like much fun. There’s a better way to think about it, though: Aging in place is about creating a home so beautiful, comfortable and expressive of your personality that you never want to leave. Although we can’t fight aging, we can take steps to make our house the place we want it to be.

They also believe it will drastically increase costs. Yet, as several studies have shown, that is simply not the case. In fact, incorporating them into your home in the pre-construction stage often adds little cost and is usually much cheaper than remodeling a house with traditional design features.

A Minnesota Finish Carpenter can utilize “Universal Design” principals to incorporate beautiful designs that accommodate everyone’s accessibility needs.

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